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    Barcode 1: Errors that Can Lose You A Customer

Legible_barcode-samples.jpgOur confidence in our distribution/warehousing/inventory and freight management services can best be expressed in our “retail charge-back liability” service. Sam-Son takes financial responsibility and liability for charge-backs resulting from warehouse, distribution and shipping errors. 


The “control” aspects of logistics are an area where we can provide immediate help. Do you sell to client’s who have delivery or packaging requirements subject to charge-backs, including Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Home Depot?

These are just three basic samples of the myriad of violations that can result in “hidden discounts” known as “chargebacks”.

Sam-Son will not only take liability for chargebacks that are a result of Sam-Son errors, but we will also provide evidence supporting erroneous attempts to charge you for an erroneous error (when your customer “the big box” has provided incorrect information to support their chargeback).