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Client Cost Containment and Control Expectations (Supply Chain)

Your margins are impacted directly by the logistical costs of inbound freight, import costs, warehouse overhead, labor, order fulfillment and outbound freight and/or handling charges. Indirectly, any loss of control of any of these processes can result in unanticipated and uncontrolled expenses. Direct costs can be anticipated, negotiated and recognized in your costing/pricing model. profit_chart.jpg

Sam-Son’s Goals & Benefits for Our Client’s Costs and Controls:

Can you expand operations & sales without sacrificing your costs, controls or quality of service?

Legible_barcode-samples.jpgControl & Chargebacks:
The “control” aspects of logistics are an area where we can provide immediate help. Do you sell to clients who have delivery or packaging requirements subject to charge-backs?

Shift Chargeback Liability to Sam-Son:
Sam-Son will take responsibility and liability for charge-backs resulting from warehouse, distribution or shipping errors.

Avoid & Fight Unexplained Charges
How often do you incur unexpected line item expenses from your customs broker or your ocean forwarder? These are charges over and above your negotiated rates. Items such as "demurrage" or "courier" or "document" charges are often attempts to add revenue due to your vendor’s errors (Importing into the United States). The importer often has no means of disputing these charges. Sam-Son will show you how to re-gain control of these expenses.

Return Management (Reverse Logistics) can be a very large cost in terms of dollars and customer satisfaction. Returned merchandise decisions are often complex and not always completely controlled. Information and decisions to be made include:

Returns must be accounted for, reported so you can provide the appropriate credit to your client, “QC’d”, repacked or segregated for return to source, recycled, sold or destroyed. In any instance, there is an entire new set of control issues and direct and indirect costs. Sam-Son will help implement your current program or help develop and implement a new set of operating procedures for product returns.EbayBW.jpg

Are Unauthorized Sales Becoming a Nuisance?
We can help! Barcode tracking is a phenomenal tool we use to locate where unauthorized sales were sourced. Whether the source was an authorized retailer, distributor, representative or employee, a consumer or even a thief, Sam-Son will be able to provide the information for you to identify the offending party. Sam-Son will provide you with the tools and information to determine how you will prosecute the offender…after all, these are your sales!