Bi-Coastal Advantage & Opportunities

(Shipping from East Coast & West Coast Distribution Points)

Does one facility or the other provide a reduced landed cost?

Can one facility or the other provide faster delivery to a particular customer segment?


  • Inventory Merchandise in an East Coast and West Coast Distribution Facilities; Places Merchandise Closer to Your Clients, While Reducing the Overall Landed Cost of Your Merchandise
    • Customers Receive Their Orders Faster
    • Reduction in Overall Freight Expense of Each Sale/Order
  • Sam-Son Analyzes Past History and Suggests Proper Inventory Allocation Levels for Each Location
  • Need to Expedite Shipments Reduced by 49%
  • Late or Urgent Product Can Be Routed or Re-Consigned to the Closest Facility for Immediate Distribution


Bi-Coastal facilities significantly increases your:

  • Ability to deliver customer order/sales 
  • Increase recurring sales
  • Accelerate cash-flow