Freight Management

The majority of “Shippers” believe one or the other of these two statements:

“Rates from carrier to carrier are nearly the same, it’s not worth comparing these rates.” 


“It is too time consuming and difficult to shop rates from carrier to carrier.”

Neither is correct. The proper software tools allow any shipper to compare rates for every shipment among multiple carriers, with a push of a button. Of course, this does not solve the problem of determining the carrier that will get your product to your customer the fastest and without damage. Sometimes this changes from freight terminal to freight terminal. Do you possess a method to measure these results?

How do these results affect your business?

Faster Deliveries may result in:

  • Increased Speed of Customer Re-Orders (Replenishment)
  • Increased Speed of Your Invoice Getting Paid – what commercial account (customer) pays or processes an invoice before they receive their merchandise?
  • Happier Customers – “Hey this is great, we ordered yesterday, and it arrived today!”


Shipping Electronics Class 100 at 1,000 lbs From Buffalo, NY 14215 to National Carrier
National Carrier
National Carrier
National Carrier
Regional Carrier
Sam-Son Tariff
Brooklyn, New York 11209
(28 miles away from
East Orange, NJ)
$187.36  $178.60 $211.04 $240.03 $154.84 $107.96
East Orange, New Jersey 07018
(28 miles away from
Brooklyn, NY)
$129.96 $118.14 120.76 $137.69 $123.42 $106.96

Rates are per 100 lbs Before Discounts


These types of variations in pricing occur in every shipping lane within the United States and rates to/from Canada are 40% to 60% more expensive than similar distances within the USA. Do you have the internal capabilities of managing variables and costs?

Sam-Son will provide the technology and service selection to reduce your freight and administration costs while improving your cash flow, sales and customer service satisfaction levels.