Mission Statement

Sam-Son is committed to making our clients more competitive by providing and managing logistics services, allowing our clients to focus on their core competencies. Our staff is dedicated to making our clients consider us an extension of their own team.


Sam-Son Distribution began in 1971 as a 265,000 square foot regional warehouse in Buffalo, New York. By 1973 Sam-Son developed a group of Canadian Customs Brokers as clients providing Sam-Son with the account base and expertise to become a U.S. ICC licensed Freight Forwarder and Freight Broker. Sam-Son’s business focused on distribution and freight services across the US/Canadian border and inventory management for offshore Canadian controlled North American distributors. Our warehousing, inventory and freight transportation management customers included North American distributors of imported loudspeakers including B&W, Rogers and Mission giving Sam-Son an entre into the consumer electronics ("CE") industry.  Other retail durable industries developed including Textiles, Office Supplies and Furniture.

Sam-Son provided a novel, “bundled” approach at the time (1985), combining the physical distribution services of inventory management and order fulfillment services (including return goods management and warranty/repair) with freight management services. Most frequently, the freight management and physical distribution services were invoiced solely as a function of the transportation charges. These clients did not pay for any overhead until they had sales orders (and subsequently, receivables) against their inventory. 

Customer service was (and remains) the focus of our business model. By bundling the warehousing and returns management services for our audio/video customers, Sam-Son provided a single point of contact for all client and dealer customer service interactions. By 1987, firmly entrenched in the Consumer Electronics industry (both CE Pro and CE Lifestyle), Sam-Son executives began attending segment-specific tradeshows, meeting regularly with our clients' sales staffs as well as their dealers. The direct contact between our clients’ dealers and Sam-Son executives provided us with the direct knowledge of operational issues from the "dealer's" perspective. Sam-Son’s knowledge of the consumer electronics industry is exceptional. These insights have been utilized to provide our clients with the retailer’s operational information necessary for our customers to outperform their competition.

As Sam-Son found success providing inventory and freight management for our CE clients, we also recognized the challenge and expense associated with returns and repairs. Accordingly, we began to offer repair, quality control and project assembly services. Our Canadian customers no longer had to ship returns across an international border and our offshore manufacturers now had a dedicated return facility in the USA. A partnership with Lifetime Service Center was established in 1987, offering support to our U.S., Canadian and offshore electronic clients.

In 2000, the Lifetime management team created a schedule to retrain their technicians and customer support staff to support the ever-changing technologies in consumer electronics. Through trade shows, conferences and manufacturers we were able to sell our services to end users, extended warranty companies and manufacturers. Our low cost and high quality of service propelled our yearly average repairs from 30,000 units in 2000 to over 120,000 in 2010. Our staff grew accordingly from 30 to 107 people. In the 25 years of existence we have serviced over 1,000,000 pieces of electronics.