Import Services

Importing into the United States

The importation process can be costly and frustrating. Most customers experience unnecessary and avoidable “import” problems that result in delays and unanticipated expenses due to:

  • Missing paperwork: Commercial Invoices (or Pro-Forma Invoices), Bills of Lading and Packing Slips
    • Questions of whose responsibility is it to retrieve this paperwork and its costs
  • US Government Agency Inspections
    • Why is this container being inspected by the US Department of Agriculture?
    • Why is my container subject to an “Enhanced” US Customs Inspection?
  • What are the responsibilities of my ocean shipping company? 
    • How do they handle my critical US Customs paperwork?
  • What are the responsibilities of our US Customs Broker?
    • How can we make my Broker more effective?
    • Can my Broker help resolve these problems?

A US Customs Broker is an agent for the importer and is not held liable for any infractions. The US government holds only you, the importer liable for any problems. So, if your Customs Broker makes a mistake, the US government holds your company responsible, not the broker.

Who in your organization can provide authoritative information about your company’s responsibility and liability to US Customs?

  • When your broker or forwarder says they “need documents”, what happened to the originals? 
  • If they were tendered, is your company responsible for charges that are now invoiced? 
  • How do you know whether the documents were tendered? 
  • Western Door can help you manage and control the import, related documents and expenses.

The results of this kind of misinformation can result in increased charges from your US Customs Broker, increased charges from the port terminal as well as increased fees from the shipping company. These “hidden” and unexpected charges result in unanticipated costs to your business.

These delays can cost you time. Paperwork delays can be as long as 7 days. Costs to your business include carrying charges, lost goodwill (unhappy customers) and lost sales. Sam-Son will help you through this process and allow you to reassert the control you require.