Sales Chain

Clients' Sales & Customer Service Expectations (Sales Chain)

Sam-Son’s growth is a result of our customers' success. As you allow, we will interact with your management, providing them with observations critical to improving your performance. Our goal is to provide services and feedback to help you increase your sales and improve your customer service satisfaction levels.

Sam-Son’s Goals & Benefits for Our Customers' Sales & Service:

  • Faster Inventory Turns/ Increased Sales 
  • Faster Inventory Receiving/ Faster Item Availability
  • Faster Delivery/ Increased Sales & Increased Cash-Flow
  • 100% Order Accuracy/ Increased Client Satisfaction
  • Increased Visibility/ Improved Customer Service 
  • Electronic Shipping Information Provided Each AM/ Improved Customer Service Levels
  • Customer Service Availability for any questions from 7am – 6pm, daily
  • Warranty & Repair Facilities/ Flexible Value Added Service

Constraints and Bottlenecks:

Frequently, Sam-Son staff will recognize bottlenecks that may slow the order to fulfillment time. Do you internally “batch” orders? How often? Why?

Most Logistics vendors are not concerned with your constraints other than how it impacts their business. At Sam-Son, we wonder why an order entered at 9am is not transmitted until 2pm…can this time be improved?

  • What is the frequency of same address orders? 
  • Can they be consolidated? 
  • Would you want them to be consolidated? 

Only you can answer these questions. Your answers are unique to your business. Sam-Son will ask the questions; your responses allow us to understand your unique business model.

Questions to Help Understand Logistical Constraints:

  • Would additional distribution locations or a reduction of warehouses help you attain a particular set of goals? 
  • What are the metrics needed to analyze this quandary? 
  • Do you find you do not have the proper product mix at any one location and need to ship from a more distant location to fulfill a client order? 
  • How is this viewed from your clients' perspective? 
  • What is the margin impact to you?

Sam-Son will ask questions and help you analyze and resolve each. We provide this to you as a part of our transactional service, meaning we do not charge for this assistance. This assistance is included as a component of our every-day transactional logistics services.

Speed Up Your Cash-Flow:

Accelerated cash flow is a favorite subject. Do all of your customers pay you upon receipt of your invoice? This answer is frequently, “Not often enough!” Many of your customers may not even begin to process your invoice until they have “received” your merchandise. Then the clock may begin; 15 days, 30 days or more. Do they process these invoices daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly? The faster you deliver their merchandise, the faster you will receive payment. A one-day difference could accelerate or delay a payment cycle by 30 days!

Accelerated Sales have a similar mechanism; the faster you can deliver your merchandise, the more likely your customers will use or sell the product delivered. If you expect 12 turns of merchandise annually, but now your deliveries on average are 1.5 days faster, your sales could increase by over 7%, by simply improving your order to delivery times. This can be achieved with the help of Sam-Son.

Whatever Sam-Son can do to help your company meet or exceed your expectations is our goal.