Sales Channel Operations


Single Channel

Each Sam-Son client has a unique distribution model. Some have similar models, but no two are alike. The services provided by Sam-Son to fulfill each customer’s model are tailored and documented as a set of specific operating procedures. As your needs and requirements change, Sam-Son updates and modifies your account’s specific operating procedures.

Often, distribution models change. New clients have demands requiring alternative purchasing, packaging or fulfillment requirements. Frequently this can lead to additional “distribution channels”. As your business grows, this is a likely event. Anticipation and planning can reduce the expenses and “channel conflicts” that may occur as your business growth develops.

Sam-Son will provide our experience and expertise to help you capture your expected profits, by reducing the unanticipated expenses of your growing business.

Multiple Channels

Multiple sales channels can be challenging for everyone. Managing these channels may require duplicate inventories with different SKU (line item) assignments and associated bar codes. They may have varying terms of freight. Whether you sell to an exclusive set of retailers/dealers, or you sell to distributors or direct to consumers, Sam-Son will help you develop a rational set of operating procedures.

Sam-Son provides some very unique and some very standard distribution services.

  • Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment/ Open Box
  • Breakdown/ De-Consolidation of Large Volume Shipments
  • Custom Labels and Bar Codes, Label Printing, Label Application and Label Management
  • Matched Sets, Matched Bar Codes, Matched Serial Numbers to order
  • Liability/Management (re: retail charge-backs).
  • Repackaging & Inspection Prior to Shipping
  • Partial Shipments - Balance to Inventory