Security is essential:  "Only the Paranoid Survive"

Security of Physical Facilities

Our physical facilities are video and sonically monitored 24 hours a day.

Entry to our facilities is controlled and monitored.

The Sam-Son Secure transportation process has been vetted by U.S. Federal and State law enforcement agencies, assuring the security of your merchandise from Sam-Son facilities to your destinations. For more information, please phone Sam-Son for details.

Facility "Breach Response" times are regularly tested.

Sam-Son facilities are used for inventory storageCross Dock Distribution Servicesquality controlwarranty/repair and reverse logistics (product return management) functions. Project assembly and special handling is provided as required.

Security of Data!

Data Theft, Identity Theft and Security breaches have occurred to the World's largest organizations including Target, Bank of America, Chase and even the European Central Bank.  Is any data bank secure?

Website enabled access is a significant vulnerable access point.

  • Do you promptly notify web enabled vendors when employees are removed from your employ? 
  • Are login and passwords changed at once, upon personnel changes/authorizations?
  • Can competitors or unhappy stakeholders or ex-employees gain access to your valuable information through access to your vendor websites and portals?

Sam-Son Data Security

Sam-Son provides a secure means of accessing your proprietary data securely to your personnel, enabling your own proprietary security to remove access to your sensitive information.  Please phone Sam-Son for more information regarding this service.

Data security is redundantly backed up on separate remote servers with the latest cyber security technology.

As new technology becomes available, we will test and implement.

Be assured Sam-Son will provide the best security available for your product and data.