Technology & EDI/XML/ftp

Are you new to Sam-Son?

Sam-Son believes that we should make an investment right alongside your company when your choose to use our services.  We employ our own IT staff.  Why should you pay for the cost of your vendor to acquire your business?

Integrating your software whether using an enterprise platform ("ERP"), e-commerce shopping cart systems or small business software, is fast and easy for Sam-Son.  There is no waiting for your 3PL vendor to arrange a software developer to contact you, develop, implement and test your data.  Sam-Son staff performs 100% of this work for you.

When new formats are necessary including advance shipping notices or barcodes, Sam-Son develops and implements at your request.  We recognize the immediate need of one client will be the need of many in the near future... why should one client pay for the development that will be used by several?

Technology, Speed & Control

By exporting order information from your IT (computer) system into ours, redundant order processing tasks can be eliminated; resulting in reduced order process time and a reduction in order entry errors.

Formal and informal EDI (XML, CSV, EDI X12, Flat File, XLSX and others) communications offers seamless integration between our organizations.

Sam-Son’s automated warehouse system operates the latest RF barcode equipment, guaranteeing orders ship with 100% accuracy.

This sophistication translates to speed for our clients: The average cycle from order placement to shipping is less than 2 hours!

All orders received prior to noon whether electronic or manual (fax, e-mail) will be shipped the same day as they are received. We will do our absolute best to ship every order received the same day, regardless of the time received.

The faster we ship that order, the more likely it is we will see more business in the future.

By maintaining the fastest order to delivery standard in the industry, retailers order with confidence; knowing that sales will not be lost due to delivery delays.