Third Party Logistics

The terminology "Third Party Logistics or 3PL" has come to be used to describe any transportation, warehousing or import function, whether or not it is an actual third party function. A third party is an entity that does not actually control the asset that is being used to fulfill your service. A warehouse that provides freight services, but does not own trucks is a third party. 

Third parties can be very effective managing services or portions of your operations that you have deemed to be more advantageous to outsource. Sam-Son provides a number of critical service solutions through our third party logistics services. These include:

  • Freight & Transportation Management
    • Define your Business Requirements for Each Supply and Sales Channel.
    • Forecast Freight and Transport Costs of Services Required
    • Consult with How these Services will Impact Your Sales or Landed Costs.
  • Ocean Cargo Forwarding: Routing, Tariff Negotiations, Payment & Audit, Cargo Control
    • Determine Your Service Levels Required
      • Transit Times vs. Transport/Import Costs
      • Determine Best Ports to Meet Your Requirements; each port has different costs and some are faster moving your containers from port, than others.
      • Contracts with Ocean Forwarders Defining their Responsibilities.
      • Cost Control: Stop Paying for line-item charges that are not due or agreed.
  • Customs Brokerage: Rate Negotiation, Payment & Audit
    Sam-Son is Not a US Customs Broker
    • Define and Contract Negotiations with US Customs Brokers who will Perform their Fiduciary Responsibilities on Your Behalf.
    • Audit and Negotiate Payment for US Customs Brokerage Services.
      • Define US Customs Entry Types
        • Formal vs. Informal Entry and Costs
        • Port Clearance vs. Border Clearance and Costs
        • Define and Identify any Import Liabilities