Consolidation Services

Expand Your Purchasing Power!

Sam-Son Logistics Vendor Freight Consolidation Services give our customers the flexibility to purchase raw materials and supplies throughout North America in variable quantities to be combined into larger shipments to then cross an international border.

Our three warehouse locations are uniquely positioned to allow for freight consolidation of North American supplier shipments:

  • Buffalo, New York
  • Ontario, California
  • Oakville, Ontario

We manage the receiving and import documentation to ensure a successful North American border crossing to facilitate delivery to your location based on your schedule.

Consolidating multiple vendor/supplier shipments into a single customs entry means lower brokerage costs. Take advantage of vendor/supplier free shipping offers or let us help you manage transportation routings for least cost.

Vendor freight consolidations help you achieve lower landed cost on raw materials and supplies to increase your bottom line.

Consolidation services also play a key role in providing our customers with essential return services.