repackagingReturns can be repackaged according to your specifications:

  • Packaging will be sourced by you and shipped to the designated Sam-Son location(s)
  • Packaging can be by
    • Beauty Box (whether an inner carton or outer carton)
    • Master Carton

Repackaged items will be handled with extreme care and attention to detail. With long journeys from manufacturer to consumer, boxes can get damaged. Whether it be by forklift, stacking, bumpy terrain, or in transit from the origin, damage to packaging is not very uncommon. Our repackaging division will make sure your items arrive to the consumer in as good of condition as possible. We also make sure that we adhere to the specifications required by you. We provide a quick turnaround so your consumers are not caught waiting. Your returned items will be placed into new packages, looking brand new for your next consumer to receive. 

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