Full Truckload (FTL) Transportation Services

Full Truckload Services are often the preferred method to save money when there is a truck that is carrying one dedicated shipment. There are many different types of shipping situations that could require a full truckload. Some include: refrigerated, flatbeds, dry van, and many more. One of the many benefits of full truckload shipping is that this can be a great method when there are time sensitive goods that are being shipped. An added benefit of full truckload transportation is the decreased chance of damaged freight during transportation. With less handling of the freight at multiple stops, your goods stand a better chance on the road. 

FTL Shipping Highlights

  • Sam-Son Logistics has an extensive network of reliable truckload carriers we trust to handle large, multiple pallet shipments throughout Canada and the U.S.
  • Choose this economical option to move large inventories for breakdown into smaller shipments upon arrival to the U.S. or Canada (De-consolidation services).
  • Our traffic team provides freight management services ensuring the most economical option is chosen while making sure your shipment arrives on time, in-tact, and without additional charges due to missing paperwork or border delays.
  • Dedicated or shared Truckload options are available.

This method of shipping typically is best when your company has more than 15,000 pounds of goods to send, or there is more than 10 pallets worth of goods to transport. Of course, it is best to call and discuss with us your shipping needs, that way we can quickly assess if full truckload shipping is right for you. If it is not, we will find the most optimal shipping method to effectively move your products to your desired destination.