Less Than Truckload (LTL) Transportation Services

As it sounds, less than truckload transportation is a shipping method when your business is shipping an amount of goods that does not take up the entire truck space. This allows multiple shippers to pile goods onto one truck. When there are fewer items to ship, this helps save money as you pay for a smaller portion of space and essentially split the cost of the truck with other shippers. 

LTL Shipping Highlights

  • Sam-Son Logistics provides you a flexible network of reliable regional and national LTL carriers at your fingertips. Using our carrier network in combination with Sam-Son east coast and west coast warehouse locations gives you the speed you need to reach your customers faster.
  • We work closely with our carefully selected group of LTL carriers to ensure on-time performance and superior handling to reduce claims.
  • Our traffic analysts have the experience and technology available to make multiple options available based on your requirements: routing requests, best service at least cost, etc.
  • We know freight! Avoid the time and expense associated with carrier rate negotiations, freight classification, freight class errors, and freight bill audits. Sam-Son Logistics will take care of it all!

To protect your items, we often consolidate smaller parcels into groupings with other similar sized packages. These consolidations help to preserve and protect your items as it makes handling easier. This is a shipping method that is preferred when freight shipment is less than 15,000 pounds. 

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If you are unsure whether or not your business needs LTL shipping services, don't worry! Our professionals can quickly assess which method of shipping will be the most optimal for your, your customers, and your budget. We work to drive down costs and time on the road. Our logistics division will be an excellent source for all your shipping needs.