Inspection & Verification

Returns IconAt your direction, we can open, inspect, and report the contents and condition of the merchandise returned:

  • Number Pieces
  • Number of SKUs (Items by unique product identification)
  • Condition of all Pieces
  • Separation of pieces by condition of the item
    • Pristine, can be returned to “A” stock
    • Product is unblemished but requires new packaging
    • Varied product condition based on your requirements
      • “F” for disposal
      • “C” stock to be either stripped of parts or donated
      • “B” stock – to be resold

Why Choose Sam-Son For Quality Inspection and Verification?

Choosing us for inspection and verification in the return process helps free up your time and makes for a much easier process when done by our professionals. All of the processes are in place and ready to be conducted. We will also provide repackaging services so your inventory is ready to go again.