Cross Docking Distribution Services For Kitchener, ON 

cross dockingIf you are a business in Kitchener, ON looking to ship products across the border, contact Sam-Son today for exceptional cross-docking solutions. Sam-Son is full-service storage, distribution, logistics, and Transportation Company providing cross-docking services to businesses and companies in Kitchener and the neighborhoods surrounding.

Increasing efficiency, saving time, and reducing costs are just a few of the benefits of choosing our reputable cross docking service. Consolidating your inventory at our cross docking warehouse, moving it across the border, and then properly distributing is how we help you streamline the transportation process. Due to international shipping being more expensive, choosing our team with strategic location and proven network of reliable parteners will help cut down costs without losing quality of shipping service. Our professionals can be trusted to quickly and efficiently move products to their final destination.

Why Choose Sam-Son

We are a freight forwarder that specializes in international shipping. With its vast network of carriers, we can reduce the transit times for imports. In addition to this, you can avoid delays at customs with your international shipping service.

Streamline operations: Cross-dock terminal operations allow the flow of goods through the terminal to be quick and constant, with little to no holding time. As a result, you may improve the efficiency of your company by reducing the time it takes to stock and maintain your racks. With our unique locations on both sides of the border in close proximity, it makes cross docking a much faster process than many competitors. 

Customized cross-dock solutions: We offer highly customized cross-dock solutions designed to suit your specific needs and budgets. Every business is different and has different requirements for success. Sam-Son, is dedicated to adapting to your needs and providing cross docking solutions that are specifically tailored to you. 

Extensive coverage: Sam-Son Logistics can service 85% of U.S. and Canada origin/destination areas in 2 days by ground transport. Our cross-dock facilities are strategically located across entire North America and Canada to ensure a quick reach. We also boast an experienced and well-resourced team to handle your inbound and outbound shipments quickly and efficiently.

Reduced costs: With our exceptional cross-dock services, you can avoid the expenses related to international rate schedules charged by common carriers and small package carriers when shipping across borders. Our domestic shipping rates can be up to 60 % less than international shipping rates. This also reduces material handling since goods do not need you to go through the trouble of picking and carrying them. It helps with the expenses associated with your job.

Tracking services: We offer all our clients electronic shipping and receiving reporting options that enable you to track your orders and vendor shipments for easier inventory management.

Strategic location: Sam-Son Logistics offers over 1.2 million square feet of secure and ample warehousing space for Canadian and U.S. clients. Our three locations to serve your North American distribution include Buffalo, Los Angeles, and Oakville. Our locations and services give you the flexibility you need to reach most U.S. and Canadian businesses and households within 24 hours.

A wide range of services: Sam-Son logistic provides a full suite of warehouse and distribution services designed to create and deliver value for your customer. Apart from cross-dock services, we also offer inventory management, consolidation services, pick and pack order fulfillment, custom labels and bar codes, return management, and more. Our full-service logistics operation will make all your shipping needs as easy as possible. 

Whether you are redistributing partial load, consolidating shipments, or cross-docking full loads, Sam-Son's cross-docking distribution centers will ensure speedy shipments of high accuracy. Contact us today to learn more.

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