Full Truckload Transportation for St. Catharines, ON

Full truck transportationIf your business is in need of full truckload transportation services in the St. Catharines, ON area, Sam-Son Logistics is here to help. At Sam-Son, we've been moving freight across the U.S.-Canadian border for over 50 years, and we want to use our knowledge and experience to help you. If you have large quanities of smaller goods or your have a smaller amount of large goods that require a full truckload, we are your solution. Since we are a full-service logistics company, our full truckload services can be paired with a number of other shipping services, depending on if your orders need to be broken down or consolidated. 

At Sam-Son, we use our extensive network of reliable truckload carriers to handle large, multiple pallet shipments across North America. For a more economical option, we also offer de-consolidation services that can break down large inventories into smaller shipments upon arrival to the U.S. or Canada. Plus, dedicated or shared truckload options are available to meet your shipping needs.

Benefits of FTL Services

There are so many aspects of shipping, distribution, and warehousing that we can provide. Save time, money, and focus by allowing us to handle the industry in which we are complete experts in, while you focus on your business. Let us provide you with our services so you can get the added benefits of:

  • Reduced shipping costs—landed product, freight, and overhead costs included.
  • Tracking tools and reporting for an overview of transportation status.
  • Access to service in origin and destination locations throughout 85% of the U.S. and Canada within two days using ground transportation.
  • Anticipation and resolving of border compliance issues before they happen in order to ensure shipments arrive on time without penalties, fines, or delays.
  • Increased sales due to better delivery times, higher order accuracy, and inventory turns.

With Sam-Son, you can have access to all these benefits and more, while also keeping your budget under control.

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Again, if you are in the St. Catharines, ON area looking for a complete FTL solution, rely on Sam-Son. We are confident we will be able to make a noticeable different in your business right away!

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