Pick & Pack/Fulfillment Services For Toronto, ON

Sam-Son Logistics performs pick and pack fulfillment service for the Toronto, ON area. The close proximity of our Canadian warehouse makes it easy for us to provide pick and pack services for Toronto businesses.

From warehousing and storage to pick and pack fulfillment services, we will turn around orders quickly and accurately while easing the shipping process to maintain high customer satisfaction. In fact, we can reach most of the U.S. and Canada in two days with our strategic locations and our networks. 

How We Do It

We analyze packing materials and requirements to ensure products arrive safely in the most cost-effective way. We offer same day turnaround for orders placed by 12:00 PM EST and 3:00 PM PST with a highly accurate and speedy pick and pack process. 

Accurate Pick & Pack

We accuratly pick and pack the inventory that is sold and needed to be sent out to customers. Toronto business should have peace of mind knowing that our professionals use the latest technology in logistics to help with our pick and pack services. We use EDI and tech to not only interface with your software, but also to ensure accurate and timely shipping. 

With Sam-Son you can split inventory and products across any combination of warehouse locations for reduced transportation cost while speeding up delivery times. Utilizing a distributed inventory method; as opposed to the traditional supply chain centralized network, has become pivotal for E-Commerce companies in need of fast shipping to meet customer expectations. This is why our strategic locations come in handy, especially when looking to ship from Toronto to a U.S. location. 

Customized reporting options help you track inventory levels, putting you in control.

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